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  • We’re delighted that our joint efforts led to our desired results in a challenging and complex project like ours. Since working with the team, we’ve achieved much better results. Thanks to their design services, we see levels of engagement we rarely experienced before.

    DHL Enterprise Software Solutions

  • Martian Designers present our products in the best possible way in the digital environment. Their designers are experts in creating engaging imagery that captures the eye. I’m 100% satisfied with their work.

    COCOSOLIS Organic

  • Our products are specific. Since we need to communicate their benefits and present them attractively, we needed a professional graphic design service. Fortunately, we found what we were looking for with Martian Designers. The results we achieved with their help prove it!

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Are you curious, unsure, or do you have questions still?

Then Check out these Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Who are your clients?

    We create designs for:

    • Online stores
    • Physical stores
    • Service centers
    • Beauty salons
    • Spa salons
    • Printing offices
    • Charitable organizations
    • Affiliate entrepreneurs
    • Restaurants
    • Law firms
    • Educational organizations
    • Real estate agencies
    • Insurance agencies
    • Marketing agencies
    • Merchants
    • Social media managers

    Martian Designers provide their services free to start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, traders, agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who constantly needs new, fresh, affordable, and professional graphic designs.

  • Am I allowed to sell a design made by Martian Designers?

    Yes, you can. You have full rights over every design you receive from us.

    *Important! We guarantee that every image and every additional element we use in the production of each design is free to use (i.e. is a stock image) to make sure you won’t have a problem. We also assume that the materials you send us are yours or you have the rights to use them. Martian Designers is therefore not responsible if the original images and materials you provide are illegally obtained.

  • I have a really urgent design. What should I do?

    In this case, you must let us know that the design is urgent and we will prioritize it over other designs.

  • How do I submit a design request?

    Design requests are submitted through our system. They can be submitted both via a computer and mobile device.

  • How do I request a design revision?

    If you received a design and it’s not what you expected, simply contact your manager and describe what should be changed. The design team will prioritize its revision and return it to you as soon as possible.

  • What type of designs do you create?
    • Removing a background
    • Logo Design
    • Facebook ad design
    • Google Ads design
    • Photo retouching
    • Social Media Design
    • Social Media Covers
    • Post Design
    • Story Design
    • Infographics
    • Gifs
    • Print Design for:
      – Flyers
      – Leaflets
      – Brochures
      – Menus
      – Posters
      – Business cards

      And many more!

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