3 fundamental tips on how to boost your own online presence

In order to find new job opportunities, today it is crucial to have a strong personal brand that you can successfully present online…

We suppose you know that the graphic design field is fast-growing and highly competitive.

In a world where even 20 minutes of online activity a day can prove crucial to your career, it’s more important than ever to leave your personal mark online – whether as a full-time designer or freelancer.

For this very reason, it is now crucial to have a strong personal brand with which to successfully position yourself online. It will help you reach out to new job opportunities, presenting you in your best light to employers and, of course, helping you stand out from the competition.

Now you’re probably thinking: how do you build an online presence in such a way that you get noticed by the right people and make a good first impression?

Read the post all the way through, because we have prepared three fundamental tips that, if you apply, you will be able to promote yourself and your services in a more optimal and effective way. You’ll understand how to secure more work that is both lucrative and enjoyable for you, and you’ll also show the world how amazing and talented you are:

1. Invest in your own domain

Investing in a personal domain is especially important, as it practically allows you to “own” the search results when someone types your name into Google.

Keep in mind that your potential clients or employers will always do their own research. Having your own domain that leads to your professional website allows you to be easily discoverable on the internet, just when someone types your name on the web.

That way you take control into your own hands and employers see exactly what you want them to see – your best light. This, in turn, will help you build credibility, showing potential clients and employers that you’re serious about your career, precisely because you’ve invested money and time into building a personal brand.

Once you have your own domain, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is:

2. Make your own personal website

It’s undeniable that social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are extremely important means of spreading your work. However, it’s best to have one place where all of your information is available. Here’s why:

Hiring managers, and potential clients you could work with on a freelance basis, wouldn’t spend much time gathering information from various sources about who you are.

Even if the power is in the hands of the managers, you are likely to drop out entirely as a potential candidate if they cannot easily find all the information they need in one place.

To increase your chances, show them your enviable experience and professionalism by making all your information, along with multiple sample designs, available at the click of a button (your personal domain).

The good news is that creating a website that looks professional is easier than ever! There are a plethora of easy-to-use CMS programs such as Squarespace, WIX, and Webflow. With these tools, you will have a finished website in just a few hours.

3. Tell your brand’s story

Once you have your own website, it’s time to use it for its intended purpose.

One of the things that will particularly set you apart from your competitors is having your personal creative story on your site (brand story). This is your opportunity to communicate exactly what you want to your potential clients or employers, while at the same time giving them the overall picture of you as a designer.

Here are some of the most important talking points on which to write your story:

  • Who are you and what makes you different
  • What service do you offer? What type of design do you specialize in?
  • Where or for whom have you worked before?
  • Include testimonials or references from previous clients.
  • Integrate links to your social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Showcase your best designs, and focus mostly on the type you would love to be hired for.

Once again, sharing your personal story (brand story) is extremely important as it will help you make a memorable first impression. So take the time you need to present everything listed on your personal website.

And if you already have, apply to us and you can become part of the Martian Designers team. This way we will work together for the success of European businesses, providing them with quality, personal graphic design.

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