4 reasons that make investing in an unlimited graphic design service profitable

Every organization, regardless of its goals, needs a visual representation of its audience. This is what makes graphic design a turning point for the success of any business.

As you know, the customer doesn’t care how much work we put into making our products or how much we invest in marketing. All they care about is whether they like the end product and whether it brings them any value. In the end, however, it often turns out that the quality of the graphic design is decisive for how the customer will perceive the product. 

Then we can say that quality graphic design is a prerequisite for more sales and naturally more profit.

Yes, however, quality is expensive and time-consuming. Well yes, it used to… but not anymore.

Resourceful business owners now trust not one designer, but an entire team of professionals to handle everything related to the company’s visual image.

And the best part is that the fee of such companies is almost three times less than hiring even one professional graphic designer in your team. Consider these 4 reasons and you’ll see for yourself why such an investment is a smart decision: 

Bargain price

Most companies understand that a design hand is needed if they want their business to grow. For this very reason, the demand for this profession is high and so are the salaries in the industry.

Being a good and cheap graphic designer is a challenging goal to achieve.

That’s why you need an alternative solution – a team of graphic designers available at triple the standard salary of just one graphic designer.

Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

It is economical

The cost of hiring just one graphic designer is not limited to the monthly salary. Consider the following additional charges:

  • You must provide additional workspace in the office for the graphic designer
  • You need to provide him with good enough equipment, which is not cheap when working with graphic design software.
  • You must purchase several graphic design software, some of which are on a subscription basis and paid for every month.
  • Health and social security costs

Combined, these costs equate to several months’ salary for the graphic designer when hired and about half a month’s salary for each month thereafter.

Fast production of the designs

You probably know that a graphic designer’s job is not easy.

According to our observations, inexperienced designers need twice as much time to complete a project than highly skilled staff. Also, experienced designers deliver twice the quality.

That is twice the time, twice the quality.

How about an entire team of professional graphic designers that strictly adheres to deadlines and polishes every design down to the smallest detail? And at triple the cost of hiring even one graphic designer?

100% quality workmanship guarantee

If you trust a company that specializes only in graphic design, you are guaranteed to receive uncompromising quality. This is because such companies hire only established professionals who handle any task with ease.

Also, these people are used to working at high speeds and know how to adapt very quickly to any brand and also communicate in the best possible way to the audience of the business in question.

Martian Designers is just such a company. We are experts in graphic design and we take care of the digital presence of companies like DHL, Office1, Prestige, Praktis, and others daily. Our designs have earned our partners over 10,000,000 EUR and generated over 1,000,000 likes, 430,000 comments, and 650,000 shares on social media!

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