How to create a successful landing page?

The landing page is one of the most useful and effective marketing tools in the digital world. It’s where your targeted users end up after they’ve clicked on your search engine and social media ads, or you’ve drawn them to a channel on the web in the first place.

The main purpose of a landing page is to persuade your customers to perform a certain action. In most cases, it’s about making a purchase, but other options are possible – subscribing, downloading an app or eBook installer, attending a webinar or other event, and so on.

On the landing page, you usually have a little space and time to perform this set of persuasive influences on your visitors to motivate them to follow your recommendation. These are small sites with a very specific and strict concentration of the most basic and important information you want to convey about your business, a product, a series of such, or another type of idea.

Therefore, when building a landing page, it is more than necessary to be both creative and precise and clear enough. The idea is to arouse the interest of your users so that they stay on the site for as long as possible and thus reach the end of the site, where you have to show enough creativity and persuasion ability.

Creating a working and effective landing page that will give you real results, benefits, and even revenue is not an easy task, but not an impossible one. By following a few fundamental and important rules, guidelines, and tips from marketers, you and your team will do it perfectly!

The beginning is the most important

First, consider how you will bring your users to the landing page. It can’t give you any value if no one visits it. Landing pages usually have a limited lifespan, which is why they are not always optimized for search engines. That’s why your customers can’t get to it by accident but through some other channel with a sufficiently impactful message.

However, the same goes for the first few lines on the landing page itself. According to a number of marketing agencies, if your customer stays on the landing page for 10 seconds after appearing on it, rest assured that they read everything until the end.

Carefully consider the appropriate tone of voice

It should be identical to the ad message that will drive your users to the landing page. It is very important to spend enough time and resources in targeting your potential customers. This way you will also be able to find the language to speak to them. If you lose them with your way of speaking, don’t expect them to stay 5 seconds on your website.

Follow a clear structure

The structure of the landing pages is classical, as the characteristic is that no element significantly exceeds the others in quantity and impact. Perfect formatting through lots of headings and bulleted lists will reduce visitor eye fatigue while browsing your offer.

The structure interacts strongly with the chosen color scheme. Regarding the latter, it is important to follow the rule of a maximum of three shades present in the design. A good practice is to opt for two (or one) main and one accent.

Required elements in the landing page

Their presence is a step forward to success. Even the most innovative digital agencies, by the way, stick strictly to these classic elements because they know they work. And they don’t need modification.

  • A headline with the setting of a specific user problem
  • Sub-headlines to develop the problem and its solution in the face of your business
  • The essence of your proposition
  • Benefits of your proposal
  • What experts think and other official information related to your proposal
  • Feedback from real users about your product or idea
  • CALL to Action or a call to action for the user to perform a specific desired action

The marketing function on the landing page

Landing pages are like scaled-down models of classic marketing funnels, in which the user moves from one stage to another on the way to getting to know you, your business, and your product.

They begin by piquing the interest of the visitor, who must be provoked to keep reading because they have recognized themselves in the listed problems whose solutions your product will serve up. From the stage of getting to know your brand, the site visitor also moves on to the stage of forming a desire to order. At the end of the landing page, you need to be extremely explicit and clear, because this is where the user decides whether or not to take the action you want.

Landing pages are developed jointly by web designers and marketers. They are affordable to implement, which should not be compromised with, and in addition, it is important that if you have already created a landing page, you proceed to the services of Martian Designers. Graphic design specialists are waiting for you on the platform, who will create designs for you for Facebook as well as for Google Ads.

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