Good banners repeatedly increase sales

You may often ask yourself, “How do I create good banners that increase sales?”. Banners are one of the most used components in online marketing because they give your brand a visual message, attract attention and most of all are extremely effective if done correctly. That’s why we’ve put together the most important information for creating an effective banner design.

The importance of colors:

Each color creates a different association and it’s important to consider what emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Color will be the first thing a user notices in your banner. Below we have created a list of colors and the emotions they typically evoke:

  • Red: Evokes passion, anger, excitement, and love. This strong color attracts attention but should be used sparingly. If you’re aiming for a classic, serious, or stable feel, avoid red.
  • Orange: Shows playfulness and an uplifting feeling. Not as obtrusive as red, but still easy to spot and exudes energy. Suitable for a call-to-action button.
  • Yellow: This sunny color corresponds with joy and friendliness. It attracts attention and creates a sense of youthful presence.
  • Green: It is a symbol indicating health, freshness, abundance, growth, and new beginnings. It does not strain the eyes and is easily applied in different looks.
  • Blue: Exudes security, safety, confidence, clarity, maturity, calmness, intelligence, formality, and masculinity. Blue is present in over 50% of logos worldwide.
  • Purple: The color of luxury, royalty, extravagance, wisdom, magic, femininity, and creativity. It has a calming effect.
  • Pink: Associated with love, sweetness, innocence, youth, and babies. Pink usually corresponds with feminine things, but it matters a lot with what brightness and saturation it is used.
  • Black: Exudes exclusivity, mystery, modern look, strength, power, prestige, luxury, and formality. It has wide application as it is the most readable color on a white background.
  • White: purity, purity, actuality, honesty, and innocence. White often shows innocent youth and is used to create modern and clean looks.
  • Brown: Associated with nature, wood, skin, seriousness, masculinity, endurance, and humility. Brown balances stronger colors and is suitable for use as a background or texture.
  • Gray: Talk about neutrality and practicality. When used as a background, it enhances the intensity of the other colors.

Use call-to-action (CTA) buttons correctly

Buttons that contain a call to action are called Call to action – CTA buttons. They are very effective when you are aiming for a higher number of clicks on your banner ads. They are best positioned in the bottom right of the image. It is key that they are in a color that matches the ad, but also clearly contrast and stand out.

Very often online marketers fail to place such a button on their creatives and this is a big mistake because it prompts users to take a specific action. With the message on the button, you should create a sense of urgency by using words like “buy now” “download free now”, and “start now”.

Button color and placement can affect the results. Therefore, it is advisable to create A/B tests with several looks and track which banners increase sales.

Use the correct images:

Always use high-quality photos. Good images are essential for both your banner and product pages. If you want to create your photos yourself then you need to make sure you have the right equipment, background, and lighting. This is important because unprofessional photography can permanently ruin the perception of your brand in the minds of consumers.

Having people in your vision can increase interest in your advertising. If you don’t have enough budget to hire a professional photographer and models, you can use photos from free image sites. You’ll get better results if you trust a graphic designer to choose the right images and create the most effective banners that increase sales.

Get to know your audience:

If you know your audience well, you will be able to offer products that would pique their interest much more easily. For example, if you know that your potential customer is a woman between 40-50 years old who spends a lot of time looking for the best promotion, then you will automatically know that in your banner ad, you need to offer her a very enticing promotion in order for her to convert.

Before you design your banner, think about:

  • Who is my target group and what do they need?
  • What is the lifestyle of a user in my target group and what problems can I solve for them?
  • What promotion would my audience respond to?
  • Over time, you can test different offers to get more data, which you can then use to create your banners to increase your sales.

Your logo:

Your logo needs to be present in your advertising visuals because it raises awareness of your brand. It should stand out, but remember that the main focus of the ad is your value proposition and the call-to-action button. Use your logo in a color that contrasts and is easy to read. Place it in the same place to make your visuals even more recognizable.

Always optimize for mobile devices:
Every user accesses websites with their phone and tablet and this should be kept in mind when creating banner ads. Visions that are not optimized for mobile devices can influence search engines and rank you worse. So it’s important to make sure your images are optimized. With many website-building platforms, you can change the resolution depending on the device the site is being accessed on. This way you can quickly create versions of the same banner for standard and mobile views.

Keep in mind the value proposition:

The value proposition is the sentence you use in banners that increase sales. It shows what problem you are solving, and communicates a benefit, discount, limited-time offer, or emotion the consumer is experiencing after purchasing your product or service. It should be the first thing consumers notice.

Here are some examples of value propositions:

  • Uber – Log in to the app, and find a driver.
  • Slack – Be more productive at work with less effort.
  • Digit – Save money without thinking about it.
  • CrazyEgg – Track user behavior on your website at an unbeatable price.

Don’t overcomplicate the design:
The design should be accessible and understandable, as the banners are only visible to users for a few seconds. The easier you make it to convey your message, the better results you will have.

How to do it?

  1. Simplify content and visuals.
  2. Focus on the product, the value proposition, and the call to action.
  3. Test several banners with different colors and messages and use only the most effective ones.

It’s easy to have good banners that increase sales!
You already know the most important guidelines for banner design, but creating high-performing ads is time-consuming and requires thousands of trial and error until you reach the best possible options. If you’re not a professional designer or you’re too busy running your business, you can take advantage of our services!

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