Looking for a graphic designer? We offer you an alternative that will cost you triple less!

In today’s digital environment, a business’s online presence – not just in the form of its website, but also on a range of social networks – is growing from an opportunity to a necessity. Along with this is a growing need to regularly create beautiful, original visuals, banners, images, and other visual assets that present your company in the best light and engage your audience.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you have probably already realized that you need the services of a professional graphic designer. This leaves you with 4 options.

The first of these is to hire a freelance graphic designer. However, this can be a challenge. Of course, there are a huge number of freelancers. However, many of them are mediocre at their job, or they don’t have enough experience. On the other hand, creating visual materials is a responsible task that can seriously reflect on your company’s reputation. That’s why it can take a lot of time (and nerves) to find a freelance designer who can regularly produce visuals of the required quality.

The second option is to use the services of an agency. Here you will get great quality in most cases. But the price will also be formidable. If you have a large income and you are keen on your online image, you would probably budget to get the quality you are looking for. Still, isn’t it the goal of any savvy manager to maximize costs?

The third option is to hire a professional graphic designer on your team. But this is also a serious investment that not every business can afford. Not only is this option expensive, but it’s also time-consuming. Think of the dozens of applications you have to review, the multiple interviews, the adjustment period… All that effort, expense, and time could be focused on the core purpose of your business.

Martian Designers offers you a fourth alternative option that will cost you three times less time, effort, nerves, and money than all the other options. Here are the top 10 reasons that make working with Martian Designers one of the best decisions you can make.

1. We can start immediately

Unlike the long and exhausting process of hiring a graphic designer or finding a suitable freelancer, we can start working together immediately. Just a day after you confirm your subscription, you can start requesting designs on our platform.

2. Reduce your annual costs by 5 times

The average salary of a graphic designer in Europe is 2 400 EUR. Adding the insurance, the cost for you as an employer would rise to 2 800 EUR per month! Subscription fees with us start from 297 EUR per month excluding VAT (for the annual standard plan). That’s €2,300 less per month and €27,600 less per year, which is a serious sum, isn’t it? This means that by becoming a Martian Designers subscriber, you can cut your costs by more than 5 times!

3. Smaller team, fewer responsibilities

Hiring a graphic designer on your team means one more person to think about. If you choose to work with us, however, you won’t have the hassle of training, vacation, sick days, and all the other responsibilities you have to consider as an employer.

Maybe you’re worried that you have too much to do and need someone you can communicate with effectively and quickly. This is the time to explain that Martian Designers’ clients have constant contact with the design team working on their project. For this purpose, we use a special business communication app that can also be downloaded on a mobile phone.

Therefore, the fact that we are not a formal part of your team does not pose a risk. Is there a problem? Our team will answer any of your questions quickly and comprehensively. Is there a case? We’ll resolve it as soon as possible.

4. Flexibility

Sometimes you need one design, sometimes you need 10. The number of designs needed for a business can rarely be planned with precision in advance. However, the need to determine costs as accurately as possible is imperative if you want your company to be financially stable.

This contradiction is not a cause for concern for our customers. The option for unlimited designs is part of every one of our subscription plans. Request as many designs as you need – even if you’ve already received dozens. Our designers will get them to you promptly. And the cost will remain fixed and predictable.

5. Diversity

Like any profession, graphic design has its different areas. You will be hard-pressed to find a designer who is good at all styles of rendering. On the other hand, to abstract seamlessly from their aesthetic sense and adapt completely to the client’s taste and requirements are skills that only the best professionals possess.

This is one of the superpowers of Martian Designers. Our designers are not just top professionals: they are specialists in different fields. This means we can produce designs of unprecedented quality of any kind.

The opportunity to have different designers working on your project is a bonus. This way your images won’t be limited to one person’s creativity and innovation and you’ll eliminate the risk of monotony and sameness in your content.

6. Work only with the best

Finding a good professional designer for a salary under 1500 EUR is mission impossible. As we have already mentioned, the salary of graphic designers in Europe by 2022 ranges from 1300 to 3000 EUR per month. These are unaffordable amounts for many small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of them choose to either compromise on quality or significantly limit their efforts in the field of online marketing, which requires a large number and variety of visions.

With the services of Martian Designers, this type of compromise is no longer necessary. Our designers are professionals with a wealth of experience behind them. They will produce all the banners and looks you need in a short time with top quality. And all for just a fraction of the price you would pay if you chose a freelancer, agency, or in-house designer.

7. Working at a fast speed

Slow work is not inherent in us. Any design you request will be completed within 48 hours if you choose the standard plan and 24 hours if you choose the professional or premium option.

8. Fine-tuning down to the smallest detail

We are extremely dedicated to our work and always strive to achieve the best possible results. That’s why part of all our subscription plans is the option for unlimited edits. This means that we will continue to edit and refine each design until you deem you have the perfect design.

9. Access to stock images

For a design to be beautiful, it very often needs great, professionally taken photos. However, hiring a photographer to complete such an order is an expensive proposition. Stock images are a good alternative. But even with this option, access to quality materials is tied to additional fees or salty subscriptions.

All Martian Designers clients get access to premium stock images that they can select according to their brand concept. This is another reason why our clients’ designs are always great.

10. Safety

Each of our plans has a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. That is, if you decide that our service is not what you expected, we will refund every last penny you paid. It’s all done in minutes – with a few clicks you can become our customer and just as quickly you can cancel your subscription at any time. And there are no penalties for canceling your subscription plan.

Another important advantage is that you own 100% of the intellectual rights to your designs from the moment you receive the files. Once we complete work on a particular vision, we send all working files to our clients.

We hope we’ve been able to convince you why working with Martian Designers is one of the best decisions you can make regarding graphic design for your company. Request an expert consultation to find out more about the service, our work process, and anything else you’re interested in.

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